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The Melron Records song "I Want Another Chance" was used as the background music for a video montage shown on Fox Television's American Idol reality series during the episode that aired on January 31, 2007. The chorus of the song was played while viewers were shown shots of rejected contestants who were begging and pleading for another chance. In their review of that episode, Variety Online complemented American Idol for choosing a rarity like "I Want Another Chance" and said that the song "may deserve further rescuing."

Melron's "King Love" by the Allures was recently used in an episode of Netflix's "Master of None" starring Aziz Ansari. In Season 2, Episode 5, Ansari's character, Dev Shah, is at a bar with a date. As he and his date are talking, King Love is playing softly in the background.

All songs on the current release of The Best of Melron Records are available for download from the iTunes Music Store! Each song is only $0.99, and the entire CD of 25 songs is only $4.99. Just search for "Melron Records" in the music store's search field.

Remember the Iranian hostage crisis? We have a few mint condition 45s of our tribute to the brave hostages, "American Message to the Hostages," still available. A real collector's item featuring the voice of Melron's founder, the late Len Stark. Only $5 + $2 shipping and handling for each. Due to our recent physical address change, if you are interested in the 45 please send an email to the address at the bottom of this page.

We proudly announce a second release of our CD 
containing 25 Melron Records songs with sounds of the 50's and 60's!!

Great example of the "Philly R&B sound"!

Beautiful dance tunes of various Philly artists!

Only $10.00 for an actual CD (including shipping), please send inquiries to the email address, below.

  Track List (links in this list are to song samples in MP3 format):
 1 All Because of Us - Essau Isaacs 13 Out of the Mist - Pheasants
 2 Milk That Cow - Essau Isaacs 14 One Kiss - Pheasants
 3 What Did I Do To You - Essau Isaacs 15 I've Tried, Parts I & II - Pheasants
 4 Don't I - Essau Isaacs 16 May I Have the Next Dance - Colly Williams
 5 Den of Love - Emerson Brown/Del Rios 17 We'll Make It Some Day - Colly Williams/Allures
 6 Talk Sweet to Me - Emerson Brown/Del Rios 18 Bells Should Be Ringing - Churchill & the Radars
7 Only Fools Fall In Love - Emerson Brown/Del Rios 19 Rockin' Granma - Churchill & the Radars
 8 Why - Emerson Brown/Del Rios 20 Going Into Orbit - Churchill & the Radars
 9 Big Butters, Parts I & II - Bobby Eli/Del Rios 21 King Love - Allures
10 Too Young - Sweethearts 22 Earthquake - Lori-Ann
11 Come on Shugah - Sweethearts 23 Darling Say No - Lori-Ann
12 Hot Biscuits - Pheasants 24 I Want Another Chance- Fred Martin
  25 Coming Home To You - The Philadelphians

Here are full-length mp3's of songs from the first Best of Melron release that were not included on the second release:

I Loved You Once - The Joys
I Want To Marry You - Churchill & the Radars
Cut Me Loose - I. Sherman

All copyrights are held by Moonlake Publishing (BMI). Any sample-length or full length mp3 files are for the personal use of the downloader, only, to determine whether they wish to purchase the actual CD. Commercial use requires payment of the standard royalty through BMI.


If you are interested in an actual The Best of Melron Records CD or a 45 RPM copy of "American Message to the Hostages," send us an email at the address shown below. Final mix master tapes for these and other Melron recordings are also available. Inquiries about obtaining multiple quantities of the CD are welcome. Questions, comments or inquiries should be sent directly to:

E-mail: At melronrecords.com send e-mail to music1 (you know how to put that together, right?)

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